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The Energy Box non è un sempliceinstallatore. Esperti professionisti ti forniranno una seria analisi delle tue necessità energetiche ed economiche per poi proporti la soluzione più adatta a te. Un servizio a tutto tondo per il massimo rendimento al prezzo più conveniente.

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The sunny side of their energy consumption bill

Immediately after purchasing and installing these solar panels at my home’s rooftop, I’ve seen tremendous cuts in energy that our family consumes!

Orlando Keen
New coal can`t deliver power for 6-8 years,
while solar will be competitive

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Will solar panels look good on my roof?

Absolutely! Our set of contemporary designed, low-profile and premium front trim panels will integrate beautifully into your home or office building’s exterior, adding a stylish touch of futurism to it…

How does solar power work?

In short, our panels absorb the sun energy, then channelling it through discreetly placed wires to an inverter. There it is being converted to electricity which eventually powers your home